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Medallion Clues

OH MY! I found my spot to hide but will you be able to find me?
It will be fun and If you find me bring me to the Info Booth and pickup your prize.
Clues will be on Social Media during the day starting ??? .
Happy Hunting!
Tue Clue:
1. Welcome to the fair. I will hear a lot of you pass by!
Wed. Clue
2. Oh my the smells of the fair from barns to burgers I know what i like.
3. I don't know what to think ... dogs barking and chickens crowing and I cant see any of them.
4. Oh that's a COW !
5. I like the cattle barn
6. Clean and the top of that class where I am.
***** I have been found!!!
I was found behind the pole going into the cattle barn about 2 feet off the ground!!!!